About Us

The Shockz have been around in their present lineup since 2012 and have played gigs up and down the South and in London.

 They were formed when Nick, who auditioned in the early 70s for The Jam (they haven't got back to him yet) and who played in a band with Steve Smith from the Vapors called the Thin Yoghurts, decided it would be fun to revisit the music of that time. After a brief chat with Mike the as yet un-named Shockz were formed. nick@theshockz.co.uk

 The hunt for a bass player was on and, after a long interesting phone conversation with one very promising candidate who replied to the ad for a bassist, Nick invited him down to a rehearsal. That'd be great, said the candidate. I'll just bring a small kit with me and see how it goes. Suspecting at this point that any bass player who referred to his gear as kit would in all probability be a bit odd, Nick dropped the casual question into the conversation. "What bass do you actually play?" "Bass?", came the reply," I'm a bloody drummer." It turned out though that he knew a bass player and Bill turned up with.... a bass!  bill@theshockz.co.uk

  Mike started drumming the day he chose to buy a Deep Purple album in preference to the latest offering by The Stylistics. He took it home and, within six weeks, had learnt the drum parts of all the songs on the album. A short while later, to the intense relief of his mum and her cooking pots, he took the next step of buying a drum kit. It has long been suspected, however, that he also bought the Stylistics album at the same time as the Deep Purple one. A close listen to his vocal style will only strengthen that suspicion.... mike@theshockz.co.uk